How I landed my first online marketing job (with no experience)

(I just wrote a new post about what to do with your new business idea)

I recently received a very flattering LinkedIn-message from a fellow new-coming marketer named Edith. In short, her question to me was this:

“How were you able to get started on practicing online marketing before having any real credentials to show?”

Edith was okay with me answering this question in public, so here are my own personal experiences, along with some practical takeaways that I hope will be useful to any aspiring marketer. Feel free to skip the intro and go straight to the takeaways.

Edith’s message in full:

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How I find great local tattoo artists in new cities

I recently got into tattoos.

And my past two years has involved a lot of traveling and searching for local tattoo shops in new cities.

In Copenhagen, I found Adam Peoples, Johnny Rhodes & Kasper Libvarth. In Moscow, I found Ruslan Tsvetnov which might be my favorite tattoo artist and in Oslo I got tattooed by Tony Nilsson, owner of Blue Arms Tattoo. If you visit Copenhagen, Oslo or Moscow, make sure to pay them a visit. Their work is amazing.

Before visiting a new city, I’m always curious to see what kind of tattoo artists and styles are there beforehand.

My profession as an online marketer, allows me to search the web more efficient than the average tattoo-enthusiast, yet, I’m still having a hard time finding a good tattoo artist as a tourist in a new city – which is why I’m writing this guide – to speed up the process for you.

The primary tools and websites I use to find tattoo artists are Google, InstagramReddit, Yelp and Foursquare.

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