GoPro Güero: Ice hockey videos

GoPro Hockey Videos

I just started to record GoPro Hockey videos on Youtube. 

Ice hockey and street hockey was a huge part of my childhood growing up. Every day after school we would put on our skates and gather our friends to play and practice hockey.

 GoPro camera: A new way of watching hockey.

Hockey en Pista de Hielo Forum Buenavista

When I moved here to Mexico, I saw people playing hockey with a Go Pro Camera mounted on their helm, to get the point of view recording. 

After I saw a beer league bender playing ice hockey with a GoPro cam, I wanted to try it myself. I also watched a lot of the GoPro NHL videos that looks very cool. So I bought my GoPro camera and I started filming.

Go Pro Hockey Video

Before there was GoPro Hockey

After my first hockey game with the camera, I got home to watch the footage from our hockey match, I started the editing and published my first GoPro Hockey video on Youtube. 

My hockey team here in Mexico City is like beer league bender level – no professionals and no players that dream about a playing in NHL. (P.S Credit to thenasher61, How to hockey, Coach Jeremy and Beer League Bender. I watched both The Nasher 61 and Beer League Bender before I started making my own GoPro Ice hockey videos.

Anyway, I will keep filming the videos and I hope you will enjoy the GoPro Hockey Videos. 

I’ll also try to record some GoPro rollerblade videos around the city, where I put on my rollerskates and see the city. If you are into inline rollerblading, that should hopefully be fun to watch. Though I have to say, I’m not doing any crazy GoPro rollerblade tricks or jumps – yet 🙂

I started playing ice hockey when I was 11 and quit when I was around 16.
Now I started playing again and I’ll record all the ice hockey videos with the GoPro Camera.

For the GoPro hockey videos, I’m using GoPro 5 Black with the helmet mount that follows.
I just finished recording a GoPro video in the Pista de Hielo Forum Buenavista  and San Juan Mercado in Mexico City.

I hope you enjoy the ice hockey and the videos!