Black and White Street Photography

Most of my street photography is black & white. I didn’t make that choice really, I just kinda happened that I get a taste for black and white street photography.

All of these photos are shot with Fujifilm x100f and Ricoh GR II. Both fantastic cameras for black and white street photography.

These are some of my black and white street photography

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Most of my photos are in black and white. It was never my intent to do black and white photography only, but for some reason when I look at my b & w portraits, candid and street photography – 90% of the photos are monochrome or black and white. – Even the shots I took using my phone. In terms of tips for black and white street portraits, I think it’s important to just try everything. One thing I’ve had a lot of fun and success with is using flash.

Most of the shots above are taken with my new favorite camera for street photography called Fujifilm x100f and the Ricoh II. Both cameras perform extremely well and come with built-in black and white, monochrome and noir filters for your JPGs. I normally do all my black and white street photography in RAW and edit it in Adobe Lightroom.

Tips on doing black and White Street Photography

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Use Flash: Before I got into street photography, I thought flash was a no-go until I started doing my black and white street photos. The camera’s flash is a great tool for doing portraits – even in the day-time.

Get close: It’s a bit intimidating doing street photography close-up, but it’s really where the good stuff is. And if you use flash, it’s even more important. This black and white street portrait below is shot with my Fujifilm x100f during the day, with flash.

An example of black & white Street Photography with flash in the daytime

Black & white street photography

Black & white street photography using flash