My First Tattoo In Mexico: A tasty taco tattoo!

My first tattoo was of a lime. And my first tattoo here in Mexico is a taco tattoo – with a lime!

The taco tattoo is done by Superfly Tattoo in Léon Guanajuato, Mexico. The tattoo artist is Juan Arreguin, the owner of the two tattoo shops in Guanajuato. His first tattoo parlor is called Superfly uno on Calle La Paz 101 and one more in Campestre, Jardines Del Moral.

I suggested Superfly that I’d like a taco al pastor with green sauce. He liked that idea, so that what we went for.

This is clearly not my first tattoo – my arm is almost filled with tattoos, but is my first tattoo here in Mexico and it was also my first trip to Guanajuato and Léon.

I’m really into t



My girlfriend and I went on a mini-vacation to the beautiful city of Guanajuato. It’s 5 hours from Mexico City and León is about an hour away from Guanajuato. Spoiler alert. My first tattoo in Mexico is the classic taco. Make sure to check these guys out: