It’s Cheaper Buying Digital Cameras Online Than in a Store

When I was doing my research for which small travel camera I would buy, I found out that I could save a lot of money buying it on Amazon, compared to the photo store nearby. Try to do a search on Amazon for the camera you are looking for and check the prices.

Amazon has the largest online selection of digital cameras:

Pick your photography-category and go through the reviews

The camera store near me had the same two digital cameras I was interested, but both of them were more 10% expensive at my local store, compared to buying them on Amazon and other online camera sites.

The camera I looked for online, and ended up buying, is the Retro-looking Fujifilm x100f for street & travel photography. I’m extremely happy with the Fuji X100F and I wrote a little review too.

Buying Digital & DSLR Cameras Online Vs. in a Photo Store

But in terms of buying digital cameras in a local photo store near you Vs. buying your camera online on sites like Amazon or bhphotovideo, I think it’s definitely worth comparing the prices in the store vs online before you buy your next camera.

I get that you might want to support your local photo store, and that’s a valid argument for not using online camera reseller. But if you are on a tight budget and you are looking at a pricey DSLR with lens, then the 10% you are going to be a lot of money to be saved.

Also, on Amazon, you can find a big selection of used digital cameras & used DSLRs too.

If you want to find a local photo store near you, because your camera needs a repair or cleaning, that a whole other thing. But even if you are looking for camera accessories, I’d still just do a search on Amazon – do my research, compare prices and buy it where it’s cheapest. I haven’t bought any camera on eBay, but maybe it makes sense for used cameras – I just feel more comfortable using Amazone.

When I bought my first camera, which is the Ricoh GR II, I found it on online too. I don’t know, I might just really happy with shopping online, but it’s because I can read the reviews of the camera I will buy, and compare them to similar ones.

But if you live nearby a great photography store with a camera specialist who you want to support, you should, of course, go for that option :).

What Digital Camera are you looking for?

I wrote a little bit about the different type of Digital & DSLR cameras