My Street Photography Gear

The majority (like 90%) of my photos are shot with the Fujifilm X100F.
I wrote a short review of the X100f.

You can get the Fujifilm x100f on Amazon. This is my favorite camera for street photography.

My secondary camera is the Ricoh GR II. It’s really small, fits in my pocket and it’s a great starter camera. I also wrote a short review of it here. You can get the Ricoh GR II on Amazon.

In terms of books, I can highly recommend these photography books.

And it’s important to underline, that gear will only take you so far.

My list of Street photography gear is pretty short. I like to travel light – preferable without a camera bag.

If you want to become a great street photographer, it’s, of course, important to have a camera that is good enough. And when you have that, you need to study and practice.

Here are my favorite cameras in each category of photography:

I don’t think there is any perfect camera. It depends on what you use it for. Press Photographers needs other gear than street photographers.