Mobile Street Photography

I used to do street photography on my iPhone.

Now I shoot with incredible Fujifilm x100f and the pocketable Ricoh GR II.

The best street photography camera is the one you with you when you see a cool shot.

The fact that you have a great camera in your pocket opens up for a lot of opportunities. Of course, the camera and lens in your smartphone aren’t as good as a professional digital camera, but in street photography, using a phone sometimes be an advantage.

Your phone is sneaker than a digital camera

Take this photo for example. I took this using my phone, pretending I was talking and passing by this gentlemen. I’m not saying this is a great photo, but there is no doubt that a smartphone is way more stealthy for candid street photography than DSLR, Digital or mirrorless camera.

Iphone android street photography

Photo: iPhone Street Photography

Here I will lay out what I did to take better photos using my phone.

This guide is about the best Apps for Mobile Photography.

You can see my iPhone Street Photography here.

If you are interested in getting a new camera, you should check out my reviews of the Ricoh GR II and the Fuji x100f.