99 Street Photography Tips for beginners

This is a list of tips, trick, and advice to inspire to become a better street photography.

All examples are photos shot with my Ricoh GR 2 and Fuji’s x100f.

This is a video of me doing street photography in Mexico City (Tips & Tricks)

Scroll down and see my 99 street photography tips!

Learn how to use the shutter speed. This book is the bible.
street photography shutter speed

“Could you do that again please?”

Before I took this street portrait of this guy you see below, the person to the right-handed him some money. I asked, “could you please do that again?” and he did and I took the shot.

street photography tips and tricks

Get Close to your subject.

street photography portrait

Get even closer.

get close in street photography (close up)

Step back
street photography landscape

Look for hand-gestures

street photography tips gestures

Get the best camera within your budget and focus on shooting 

I shoot with Ricoh GR II or Fujifilm x100f I highly recommend both of them!

Take photos of things you like

street photography tips

Take photos that make you feel something

street photography tips emotional

Find your own style.

Upload a photo every day: Like this.

Be your own harshest critic.

Shoot in every weather and experiment which photos makes sense for what weather. (Also in harsh light)

strong shadows harsh light street photography

Post your work on Reddit. Like this.

Don’t (only) measure the quality of your photograph, based on the amount of like it gets. 

Be playful with it.

Use photography as an excuse to travel with your camera.

kids street photography tips

Examine the photographs of legends. Like these.

Go to the streets without a plan.

Shoot street photography in both color and black & white.

Go to the streets with a plan, like this.

Get eye contact

street photography tips eye contact

Have fun with it.

Don’t obsess about gear, get these books instead.

Take photos that tell a story

best street photographers

The guy in this photograph is inhaling something referred to as ‘mona’ or ‘activo’ or PVC cleaner which is a liquid used for cleaning drainpipes. In Mexico City, you, unfortunately, see a lot of young guys getting high on the streets inhaling this and for good reasons.

This is a quote from a 15-year-old homeless kid who is addicted to ‘activo’: “We’ve had men coming into our tents and choosing whomever they want… I have had to do things I never knew existed, that’s where the medicine we inhale really comes in handy.”

Get inspiration from documentaries & movies.

Your phone is more stealthy than a small camera. Use it as well.

Don’t over edit.

Look for triangles.
composition and triangles in street photography

Go to Flickr. Look at photos you like and guess the settings the photographer used to make this photograph. You will learn a lot from this!

When you watch movies, pay attention to the framing and composition. Like in this Youtube video.

Cover a project or a cause that matters to you.

Believe in yourself. Like this.

Learn the rules and do whatever you want thereafter. 

Take 10.000 shitty photographs

Smile and have a positive attitude. It will be more fun for everyone involved.

street portrait smiling

Don’t go to the streets expecting a result.

Go to the streets with or without music.

Don’t expect to make a living from this.

Don’t quit.

Ask yourself why you are doing this.

Take the same photograph, some different angles.

Work the scene, like this.

Have confidence in yourself on the street. Especially in a tough neighborhood.

Find a background you like and wait for a subject.
find a background street photography

Buy comfortable shoes, like these.

Don’t over-think it.

Don’t be a push-over. 

Wait for the smile to fade.

Take a shower before you go to the streets. 

Shoot from the hip.
shoot from the hip

Learn how to edit your photos. Skillshare is a great place to take classes. They have a free trial.

If someone wants the photo delete, you delete it.

Don’t be a dick.

Explain why you want to take someone’s photograph.

Add a File With Your Contact Details in Your SD Cards (credit)

Get out of your comfort zone

Approach 10 people. Get 5 yes and 5 no. Like this

Think before you shoot.

Study light with this book.

Get your first gig – paid or free, it doesn’t matter.

Don’t rely on Instagram only. Try EyeEm, 500px, Flickr & Tumblr.

Use your flash – Also in the daytime.

Using flash in day time

This street portrait was shot using flash in the daytime. See my street portraits in colors.

Connect with other photographers

Look for symbolic

Find contrast and Juxtaposition

Attend a photography meet up

Experiment taking photos of your family and friends.

Study composition, with this bible.

Force yourself to find interesting photos in boring situations.

Start a blog write about your photography. This is how.

Understand how to market yourself.

Don’t get comfortable.

Don’t beat yourself (too much) up if you have a bad day on the street.

Listen to the Candid Frame Podcast.

Take all kind of photos. Not just street photography. If you see a great landscape or a friend who want his photograph taken, used this opportunity to learn about genres you don’t nesserary shoot.

Learn how to read a histogram. Link

Fuck around with shadows. On the streets and in editing. 

Look for symmetry.

Pitch your work to journalists.

78 tips